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Week 5 : Tr class implementation

06-25-2012 In Uncategorized.

I had not blogged during last week since I was away at the summer school where I had an opportunity to listen to and talk to both physicists and cs theorists working on the next quantum computer! There were  great presentations and the videos should be available shortly. So, now back to Sympy!

Tasks accomplished this week

My main tasks for this week was to address all comments on pending PR 1333. In addition I had planned to complete printing operations on Tr operator and get started with qubit related Tr operations.  I accomplished the task on addressing comments on PR 1333 and also completed basic printing operations along with having the notebook examples done.  The changes outside of PR 1333 are available in my githhub branch(trace_permute_equal) and I plan to submit a PR for these changes as soon as PR 1333 is merged.

In addition I worked on providing a permute() function and also had to play around with implementation of overriding _hashable_contents() method.  I had spend some time in figuring out the details of such an implementation and there was some discussion on this on the mailing list.  For now, I have these 2 functions implemented ( but commented out) in branch trace_permute_equal.

Therefore, one task that remained but which I could not get to this week was qubit implementation related to Tr.  Also, currently I am in the process of writing up how Tr operations should work on TensorProducts. I should have a write up very soon.

The tasks for next week, therefore would be  (roughly in this order)

  1. Share a write up on TensorProduct wrt to Tr operations.
  2. Push qubit related changes to my git repo

3. Get started on TensorProduct/Tr and have the first cut ready for review.

4 Get PR 1333 merged.

5. Get branch trace_permute_equal merged. This branch has minor changes and I hope to get this merged as well this week.

Happy coding!